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Clonakilty Kindergarten
  clonakilty kindergarten


Parent's Roles & Structures

In enrolling your child at the Kindergarten, you are agreeing to become actively involved in supporting the running of the Kindergarten. You can do this through joining the management committee or joining a team. By everyone doing their part, the Kindergarten operates effectively and efficiently, and this is in the best interests of our children.

Being a community Kindergarten, the school is run by a management committee which is made up of parents whose children attend the Kindergarten. While our senior teacher/ manager  is responsible for the day to day running of the classroom, the overall running of the Kindergarten rests with the management committee .

The management committee are elected by parents at the AGM which takes place in the Autumn Term. The committee is made up of elected officers and general committee members, these roles are listed below. If you are not in a position to join the committee then you can join  the teams headed up by the committee members , the team roles are also listed below.

Where necessary training in specific roles is given.

CHAIRPERSON: has a co-ordinating role within the committee and oversees the smooth running of the organisation. Roles include: planning, attending and chairing committee meetings and the AGM; presenting annual reports; being official representative of the committee; a signatory on cheque books and Director of the Kindergarten as a Ltd company; liaising with external agencies for example HSE and  Cork Childcare Committee; supporting the teacher/manager; liaising with other committee members on the general running of the Kindergarten.

SECRETARY: primarily attends and records minutes of the committee meetings and circulates to those involved, assistant to the chairperson as necessary, also assists with any necessary administration tasks.

TREASURER: attends committee meetings, signatory on cheque book, collaborates with the bookkeeper and manager to provide monthly financial reports and present annual accounts at the AGM. Co ordinates the financial team whose roles include:

  • Bank Liason officer: working closely with our manager to make weekly  bank deposits and deal with bank related issues.
  • Financial Admin: making applications for grants, completing financial forms. Researching new areas of financial interest.

MARKETING TEAM CO-ORDINATOR: attend committee meetings, oversee the marketing outlook of the Kindergarten, manage the profile of the Kindergarten to current and prospective parents; produce advertising material for events; ensure sufficient publicity material circulates locally; coordinate the marketing team members whose roles include:

  • Press Liaison: maintain existing links with local newspapers and other media outlets and secure regular advertising, compile editorial articles for release, maintain a current press release, promote EVS alongside the Kindergarten.
  • Publications compiler: compiles material for the termly newsletter for parents, edit handbooks as necessary, assist with publicity material.
  • Social media liaison: manage the Kindergarten's Facebook profile, update material on the website.
  • Outreach officers: organise social events for the parent network, arrange presentations on Kindergarten services to mums groups, liaise with fundraising team on events and Kindergarten profile, send out welcome packs to new parents.

EVS TEAM CO-ORDINATOR: attend committee meetings, complete admin to secure continued funding from organising bodies, oversee recruitment of student volunteers, liaise with EVS team members whose roles include:

  • EVS mentor: offer emotional support and guidance to the volunteers; meet with the volunteers regularly off site, liaise with team leader on how volunteers are getting on.
  • EVS welcome group: on arrival of new volunteers to Ireland meet and greet, assist in finding accommodation and settling in.
  • EVS admin assistant: assist in general admin tasks for application/funding procedures

GARDENING and MAINTENANCE TEAM CO-ORDINATOR: attends committee meetings; is the point of contact for staff with regard to seasonal and occasional maintenance needed in the building and garden to keep within HSE standards; will delegate to the parents in the G and M team to complete jobs; bi annually organises a Busy Bee Day at the Kindergarten to tackle these jobs.

  • Examples of such jobs for the G and M team are: emptying compost bins, small carpentry fixing jobs on the Wendy house or classroom furniture, cutting the grass, filling the sand pit, sewing napkins, assisting the head gardener with pruning and planting jobs. No particular skills required just a big smile.

STAFF LIASON OFFICER: liaise any concerns between staff and committee members; meet with staff on a regular basis off site if necessary.

FUNDRAISING TEAM CO-ORDINATOR: attends committee meetings; supports financial team in working on funding applications; Initiate fundraising events over the school year; works alongside marketing team in publicising events; co-ordinate teams for the running of events whose roles include:

  • Events teams: organise fundraising events such as annual clothes sale, bi annual clothes collection, may day family fun day; initiate other fundraising initiatives.

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